Kerb Stone Making Machine KAD1200

Kerb Stone Making Machine KAD1200

Kerb Stone Making Machine KAD1200

The Kerb Stone Making Machine KAD1200, a very solid system with high performance is designed and manufactured by Aradsan Machine.

This system is capable to produce curb stone , canivo ,gutters up to 50 cm height .It is notable that there is no limit for the height of produced curbstones .This single task system is used for producing curbstone , canivo and gutter .If the customer needs to produce block , It is presentable to install block producer.

This system is semi-automatic. The mould and matrix (shoulder) are moved by jacks. This machine is consist of controlling part, eight set of curbstone mould with one electro-vibration and two hydraulic vibration, which simultaneously carry out the vibrating and hydraulic press. Maximum used surface in moulds is 126*50 cm (50 H).

The specification of parts used in Kerb Stone Making Machine KAD1200:

Vibration’s generator: Vem (Germany)

Controlling system of hydraulic: Galtech (Italy)

Hydraulic hose: Flex (Germany or Italy)

Channel beam: European type

All sheets of moulds are made from ST60 or ST52 and the parts exposed to the friction is manufactured with anti-friction steel.

Jack’s shaft: Hard chrome (Italy)

The jacks of the system: Boch or Bohler (Germany)

The locks and fastening parts of the system (Germany)

Equipped with hydraulic system (two levers for pressing and vacating)

Equipped with one set of electro-vibration and two set of rotational oily vibrator, each of which is powered by a generator with 2 HP (horse power).

The generator of the Hydraulic Movable KerbStone Machine KAD1200:

One 2 hp generator for moving

One 4 hp generator for hydraulic system

Two 3 hp generator for vibration system

One 2 hp electro-vibration

It’s production capacity is 1200 curbstones in 8 hours. (production with 80 % of it’s capacity in 8 hours.)

300x500x150 mm400x300x200 mm300x300x120 mm
300x400x150 mm400x500x150 mm300x400x150 mm
300x300x150 mm300x500x180 mm300x400x120 mm
400x500x150 mm
400x500x150 mm
500x500x150 mm
500x350x150 mm

Production capacity based on dimension:

DimensionNumber Per Course
500×500 mm CurbStone6 Pcs
500×350 mm CurbStone7 Pcs
300×500 mm CurbStone8 Pcs
300x400mm Gutter8 Pcs
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