Cement Brick Making Machine

Cement Brick Making Machine KAD1500

Cement Brick Making Machine KAD1500 , a very solid system with high performance is designed and manufactured by Aradsan Machine . This single task system is used for producing block.

The obvious feature of this machine is the high capacity of the block production. This movable system is also capable to produce different kinds of ceiling block, wall block, partition block by using sand, pumice, leca.

This Automatic system has loader and silo. The mould and matrix (shoulder) are moved by jacks. It consist of a loader which can do the action of feeding the moulds automatically .In silo section, the concrete feeding action is not performed manually. In every feeding time, it can produce 142 blocks. All the process such as filling the mould, feeding action and running around in the production band are done automatically. The role of human resources is very low and the system is able to do the production process just by one person to change the mould.

This movable machine has also controlling part, eight set of curbstone mould, six set of block mould with one electro-vibration and two hydraulic vibration, which simultaneously carry out the vibrating and hydraulic press. Maximum used surface in moulds is 126*100 cm (20, 30 H).

Concrete Block Machine KAD1500

Specifications for Consumable Parts in the Hydraulic Block-Making Machine (Mobile) KAD1500:

  • Hydraulic Hoses: Flex from Italy.
  • Electric motors and selected generators in the vibrator system are from Siemens, Germany.
  • Control Valves: Galtek from Italy.
  • Material for the steel mold sheets: Special anti-wear sheets.
  • Jack Shafts: Special chrome-hardened steel from Italy.
  • Shock Absorbing Rubber: Neoprene from Germany.
  • Fasteners: German-made.
  • Cylinder Jacks: Bohler from Germany.
  • Machine Chassis: European type with a high tolerance for vibration and pressing (safety factor 2.5).
  • Machine Color: Epoxy.

The dynamo of the KAD1500 machine consists of:

  • One 5/5-horsepower dynamo for machine movement
  • One 10-horsepower dynamo for the hydraulic system
  • Four 2-horsepower dynamos for the vibration system
  • One 2-horsepower dynamo bypass the system

It’s production capacity is 10000to 12000 blocks in 8 hours. ( production with 80 % of it’s capacity in 8 hours.)

250x200x400 mm Ceiling Block
200x200x400 mm Ceiling Block
250x200x500 mm Ceiling Block
250x200x500 mm Wall Block
200x200x400 mm Wall Block
150x200x500 mm Partition Block
100x200x400 mm Partition Block
100x200x500 mm Partition Block

Production capacity based on dimension:

DimensionNumber Per Course
200x200x400 mm Block12 Pcs
150x200x400 mm Block16 Pcs
100x200x400 mm Block20 Pcs
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