Automatic Pipe Production Line PI 1200

Automatic Pipe Production Line PI1200

Automatic Pipe Production Line PI1200 (variant, German design) is capable of producing different kinds of pipes and concrete boxes. 

This system Automatic Pipe Production Line PI1200 with ability of fastening one pipe to another, can ease the option of connection the pipes or box culverts which result in the accuracy of products for organization.

The large diameter pipes is mostly used for urban wastewater transferring .The other advantage of this system is transferring water to certain areas, as well as the usage of concrete boxes in different places ,such as municipalities, telecommunications companies and other related organizations.

The customer can order different shapes of pipes and telecommunication boxes (beside the sizes mentioned).

DiameterLengthTotatal Production
200 mmL = Up To 1200300 Pcs
300 mmL = Up To 1200250 Pcs
400 mmL = Up To 1200220 Pcs
500 mmL = Up To 1200150 Pcs
600 mmL = Up To 1200100 Pcs
800 mmL = Up To 120070 Pcs
1000 mmL = Up To 120050 Pcs
1200 mmL = Up To 120040 Pcs
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