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The block making machine is a device for producing all kinds of blocks in different sizes and colors, which are usually used in walls, houses and buildings. These devices have the ability to produce cement and concrete blocks and have more strength.

Block production machines have the ability to produce all kinds of ceiling, wall and blade blocks with all kinds of materials such as gravel, sand, pumice, etc.
The production capacity of each device is different based on the type of device and you should purchase them based on the needs of your company.

Types of block making machine

There are different types of block machines. A single-purpose block maker that has the ability to produce all kinds of blocks, and a multi-purpose block maker, in addition to blocks, has the ability to produce all kinds of curb stone and paver blocks.

Stationary block machine

Stationary block machines produce blocks that are delivered on a pallet. Their strengths are the versatility and high quality of the final concrete products.
Fixed blocking devices are also made in two types of single envelope (single color) and double envelope (two color).

Mobile making machine ( egg laying)

Block laying machines deliver products directly onto the concrete floor and do not require a pallet structure. The strengths of these devices are their high productivity and efficiency.

aradsan block making machines

aradsan block machines are produced in two series, fixed and mobile. The multi-functional mobile block maker has the ability to produce blocks, flower boxes, and tables. The stationary block maker has the ability to produce concrete blocks and curbstone, flower boxes and paving stones.

Block production machines or block production machines are available in different types in the market. When buying a block production machine, you should pay attention to the following things:

Block production speed and capacity
Quality of manufactured concrete parts
The multifunctionality of the machine (concrete blocks and curbstone, flower boxes and paving stones.)
Color used in concrete parts
Equipment and consumable parts in the block production machine
block making machine price

The price of block machines in aradsan is different based on the type of machine and its options.

Mobile devices are produced in two types with envelope – loader and simple, and the simple type is cheaper than the envelope type. But the production line of fixed devices has a higher price and more efficiency due to high options such as packaging line, batching, microcontroller, etc.
In general, the price of stationary block machines is more expensive than mobile ones.

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Buy block making machine

The main goal of aradsan Machine Makers is to produce and sell block  machines that meet the needs of customers and achieve its quality with the utmost precision and commitment. By purchasing the aradsan Block Machine Makers, you will produce blocks that are strong and reliable and will have high durability and effective performance.

When buying a block machine, you should consider the following in order to make a better and more suitable choice.

production capacity
The maximum surface of the frame
peripheral equipment used in them
Production block type
Block dimensions

The aradsan machine builders will guide you for a safe purchase with the help of experienced and expert consultants.

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